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李老师 发布于 2021-03-23 10:36:55 阅读次数

讲座题目:The transformative representations of human episodic memory


主 持 人:杨剑峰 教授





    薛贵,北京师范大学认知神经科学与学习国家重点实验室教授, IDG-麦戈文脑研究所研究员,长江学者特聘教授,北脑学者。主持或共同主持国家自然科学基金重点项目(2011,2018)、973课题、美国NSF和NICHD等项目。主要从事人类学习和记忆的认知和神经机制及其干预提升研究。 在Science, PNAS, Trends in Cognitive Science, Nature Communication, Current Biology, Journal of Neuroscience,Cerebral Cortex等国际SCI学术刊物上发表100多篇具有影响力的学术论文。获教育部自然科学一等奖(2013,2019)和全国百篇优秀博士论文奖。


      Memory has long been conceived as a dynamic process. As Bartlett (1932) noted, “Remembering is not the re-excitation of innumerable fixed, lifeless and fragmentary traces, but rather an imaginative reconstruction or construction…”. In this talk, I will present our new recent work trying to understand the transformative nature of human episodic memory. First, I will show evidence that the reactivated representation during memory retrieval has been systematically transformed from the encoded representations. Second, I will present two recent studies which suggest that effective learning strategies, such as spaced learning and retrieval practice, often involves greater representational transformation. Finally, I will present our ongoing study using intracranial EEG to study the transformative nature of episodic memory, by the comparing the nature of neural representation during memory encoding, working memory and long-term memory.